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ARAUCO manufactures a wide range of sustainable forest product solutions, including the industry’s most-comprehensive selection of composite panels, premium plywood, millwork, lumber, and FSC-certified* wood pulp.

To deliver the best possible service to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, ARAUCO has combined the manufacturing, support, and logistics assets of Flakeboard, its composite-panel subsidiary, and Arauco USA, its North American sales and service arm.

Today’s ARAUCO in North America offers customers the best attributes of both companies: more than a half-century of manufacturing excellence, innovative product development, and a long-term focus on sustainability. In addition, with four Regional Support Centers throughout North America, ARAUCO is well-positioned to deliver a superior level of service and to build mutually beneficial, lasting relationships with its customers.


ARAUCO produces composite panels at nine composite panel mills across the United States and Canada, and imports Arauco-branded plywood, pulp, moulding, lumber and other products through 12 major ports of call. These products are distributed to more than 2,800 destinations throughout North America.

In addition, ARAUCO has 1.8 million acres (~728,000 ha) of proprietary forest plantations in Chile, all sustainably managed to the rigorous standards of the Forest Stewardship Council.* ARAUCO also owns sustainably managed plantation forests in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

This combination of sustainable forest product solutions and a very high level of customer support ensures that ARAUCO meets or surpasses in North America the expectations of the construction, casework/fixture fabrication, architectural design, and papermaking industries.

*Click here for details on ARAUCO’s certifications.